Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another Great restaurant nearby

Rei Do Gado, Brazilian Steakhouse is located on 939 4th Avenue, a block away from Gaslamp Plaza Suites. You will receive 10% off your bill if you mention you are staying with us and show them the flyer you can pick up at the front desk.

If you are really hungry, head over to Rei Do Gado on 4th Avenue. They serve unlimited meat on skewers and have a wonderful self serve buffet to go with the meat

Rei Do Gado   The King of the Herd

The Churrasco, Brazilian barbeque is a traditional feast that has been celebrated in Brazil for centuries. The origin of feast is from the southern regions of Brazil called Rio Grande do Sul where most meat productions are from. The Gauchos, Brazilian cowboys, usually cook the meats with skewers slowly roasting in the heat. All the meats were marinated with simple seasoning and served with salads, Brazilian rice and beans. The best-roasted meats were shared around to each family. 
Now you can enjoy the same types of Churrasco in San Diego, CA. There are more than 40 different salads, side dishes, and meat selections served at Rei Do Gado Brazilian Steak House. It is a unique and healthy way of roasting meat over a mesquite flame that preserves tenderness and gives a taste unmatched by any other.
Arriving at REI DO GADO®, you will encounter an unlimited buffet at mouth-watering typical dishes and salads. The passador (meat waiter) will soon come to your table with different types of selections of meat at a time. Then meat will be sliced of the skewer down to your plate. This will continue when you place a green chip by your plate and by turning the chip over to red, this will signal that you are done.
When you think you have seen it all, you will indulge in the most delicious desserts in the World. This is a traditional that unites friends and family and will keep you coming back for more!


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