Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Zombies are coming!

Comic-Con 2012 - What's New

San Diego Zombie Con
With reports nationwide of crazed individuals eating their own intestines, or other people’s faces, or even the family dog, many have fancifully proclaimed the onset of a pending zombie apocalypse.  In San Diego, California, there are indeed signs of such an apocalypse that not-so-coincidentally ties into next weekend’s Comic-Con International, but fortunately these signs aren’t nearly so ghastly.
One such event is the annual Zombie Walk: San Diego, where the would-be undead can dress the part and put on their best rotting zombie faces before marching through San Diego’s Gaslamp District. There have been several such walks in the San Diego area over the past five years, but the biggest and best known have occurred annually during Comic-Con. This year’s Comic-Con walk takes place, much to the delight of the more superstitious crowd, on Friday, July 13 at 5:30PM, and for 300 lucky zombies and several other contest winners, the event will culminate with an invitation-only party at San Diego’s Voyeur club immediately after. This “Con of the Dead” party is sponsored by the cable horror channelFEARnet, who has partnered with Capcom and Dark Sky Films for this exclusive afterparty. While the party is by invitation only, the Zombie Walk itself is open to anyone wishing to participate, even those not attending Comic-Con. For more information, check out the Zombie Walk’s website atwww.sdzombiewalk.com, as well as www.fearnet.com.

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